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Happy Wedding Year

By BriansBride | posted on January 08, 2013 at 6:52pm

Happy New Year brides to be! I hope you’ve all received the latest copy of Buffalo Brides Magazine - make sure to flip to page 22 to read my article on different options for the bar at your reception.

The holidays sure were hectic so I did not have time to do much planning. One of the perks of seeing so much family is that you see a lot of people you might not talk to all the time. Since I’ve only been engaged since October ‘12, I had a lot of out of town family that hadn’t seen my ring yet. There was a lot of wedding talk over those few days, and everyone is very excited for the wedding.

Once Christmas was over, we went to mass on Sunday night and met with the priest to officially book the church for the ceremony. The priest scared us and told us our date was already booked…for 2014! Phew. Since we will have a Roman Catholic ceremony, Brian and I will have to take Pre Cana, which is a course couples must undergo before they can be married in a Catholic church. There are sessions every month, but we can’t wait too long.

Also, my favorite piece of news to share is that I “Said Yes to the Dress!”...I knew it was a good sign when @SYTTD started following me on Twitter (@allieminiri) last week! Purchasing a dress is something that I was really stressing over. I knew exactly what I wanted but wasn’t sure if the style would look good on me. Since my sister and MOH is studying abroad in Spain for the semester, just my mom and I went and tried on some gowns, and emailed my sister pictures as we went along. I tried on about 10 and ended up buying the third one I tried on! It is very relieving to have that task completed, and I am completely enamored with the dress I chose. Without giving too much away, it is perfectly feminine, romantic, and hugs in all the right places wink

I am going to be at the Brides World show this weekend and hope to get some more inspiration and ideas! Hope to see you all there!

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