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By bridejulie | posted on June 22, 2012 at 4:44am

wedding planning is a full time job

Oh boy- These last few months have been busy.  I recently switched jobs and though its a much lower commitment than working for Apple, I am still overwhelmed with adjusting.  I was right to get a wedding planner but this is STILL a lot of work!  I am still positive though, its a once in a lifetime experience.

Some of my favorite moments and successes recently in the planning stage.

Invitations!  I absolutely love my invitations.  I visited an invitation store and picked out a suite and it totaled 5400, Brandon and I politely exited faster than we could run.  Next we tried wedding paper divas but I didn’t love them.  I was enjoying all of the homemade touches on Etsy and came across a site that hand paints invitations for <$10 per suite- SCORE!!!  The invitations are custom made, a cute package of paper arrived and they worked with my wedding colors and theme to come up with a great suite.  I added some extra touches with a hand drawn map and envelope tags.  I still can’t believe I spent this much on paper but I got a lot more for my buck- did I mention hand painted!  They arrive next week and I will turn them around so fast and then frame my spares.

Dance Lessons- Brandon has moves ( almost as good as Jagger ).  As a musician he knows how to find a beat and what steps go with the song; 4-4 time, etc.  We haven’t had any formal training though and would look little better than a sway first dance so we signed up for dance lessons.  This has been great, we get to spend time together having fun ( dance date nights ) and prepare for the wedding.  Our teacher is very strict with our communication and its actually therapeutic- no criticism, no talking, only smiles and winks which is great.  The money made us hesitate but we will take so much more out of this than anything else- exercise and bonding.  Do it!

Wedding shoes- Ok, well I haven’t figured this one out yet.  I found a pair of pink pointy satin Kate spade shoes at Nordstrom’s Rack for a severe discount.  The shoes are of course too small but I wore them for an hour in the store and it seemed ok.  They are home and maybe look a little ridiculous now.  I am also addicted to gilt group and Myhabit- here I found 2 great shoes a few months ago and another pair 2 weeks ago.  I bought all of them ( returnable within 21 days its ok ).  Hopefully the new shipment of shoes fit and go with my fabulous dress.  any suggestions?

Hair and makeup trial- I obsessed over hair dos and settled on something timeless and Katherine Heigel like- she has the best vintage updos.  The hair wasn’t quite heigel-esq but at least both of us agreed.  I think it will work out.  Oh, I should also mention that i’m using ProImage in Amherst.  They have a great deal where they come into my house and do hair, makeup, and nails for me and 5 girls!

Whats next… favors ( any great buffalo ideas ? ) linens, flowers and more… oh boy



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