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Wiggin’ Out!

By jackieandtom | posted on September 25, 2012 at 10:23am

A bachelorette party with a twist!

You won’t believe me when I tell you that out of planning my entire wedding, the bachelorette was the hardest to plan!  Yes, I’m serious! It was difficult to first of all find a common date where most people could attend.  We went back and forth and we finally picked a date.  Not everyone could come which I felt really bad about, but 8 of my friends could make it so the date was booked!  On a side note, seriously thank God for Facebook- it was a lifesaver trying to figure out all of those shenanigans!

I wanted to do something different for my bachelorette that would be new and fun.  Once we picked a date, we thought of a few different ideas including a beach day in Canada, a day in Erie PA, a boat party in Buffalo, and so on.  We finally settled on a plan and let me tell you, it was a good one.  It began where my friends showed up at my house and we had an afternoon of watching movies, painting nails, chatting - ya know all that girly stuff.

When it was time to start getting ready, I revealed to all of them the master plan for the evening.  From a bag I lifted out a bunch of wigs and said, “Ladies, tonight we are wiggin’ out!!”  I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be to wearing fake hair all night but they were really pumped.  Actually everyone was happy they didn’t have to waste time doing their hair haha!
So downtown Buffalo we went! We literally all wore colored wigs to dinner and out for dancing and we had an absolute BLAST!

I will leave you with a few tips to ensure a successful “wiggin’ out” bachelorette party:
1. Invite all your awesome friends
2. Pick a date FAR in advance
3. Buy wigs at Party City (I bet if you go after Halloween, you could get a good deal)
4. Make up fake names to call each other all night as your “alter egos”
5. Wig out and have a blast!

We danced, we cried, we lost ten pounds!  A fun evening was had by all!

Did you have a great bachelorette party experience?  I want to hear about it!

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