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Let the Crazy Dreams Begin!

By JulielovesAndrew | posted on November 01, 2012 at 5:11pm

So, the other morning I woke up cracking up over the weirdest dream I was having. It was our wedding day, and Andrew and I were together (the first cardinal sin!) organizing boxes of our clothes. Then later I was with my mom and sisters and I realized I didn’t have any wedding undergarments picked out. Next thing I know, I realize we never booked the honeymoon! Whatever I figured, we can go any other time we are getting married woo hoo! Then, we were in the reception hall before the ceremony and I realized we never sent out the invitations, but there were some people already there, which led to more panic. Then, as we were looking at the appetizers, we realized we never chose meal options for our guests so there would only be hors d’oeuvres.

I confided in my best friend who recently got married, and my sister in law (to be). They both let me know that not only did they have a crazy dream before their weddings, they had several. I can only imagine the dreams that are to come! Needless to say as soon as I got ahold of a computer I e-mailed about 8 different people pertaining to different details of the wedding.

One of which was the Reverend that we chose to perform our ceremony. Not being religious but having family on both sides that are extremely religious presented us with a special kind of sticky situation. Not having a church that we belong to but wanting a religious person to perform the ceremony proved to be a difficult search. I asked friends and family, googled for hours, and called a ton of different places. I had noticed that “Beautiful Affairs of the Heart” was at the top of every search result or wedding page, so I gave them a shot. I liked how their site laid out different ceremony types and gave info about certificates, licensing, and different traditions.

However, it was quite a different experience from there. Once we booked a meeting with their first choice for us, she called me to schedule our meeting at the local Barnes and Noble Starbucks. When we arrived, we noticed that her appearance was extremely unkempt, but decided that it didn’t matter because she was probably good at what she did. We were wrong. She was unorganized, kept losing papers, and the most annoying part- KEPT CHECKING HER CELLPHONE!!! That was Andrew’s point to check-out of the conversation. I was trying to be polite and at-least finish the meeting. She had stated a price which was different than the one we were quoted by the company online, and she made us feel ultra-uncomfortable about it. However, all of that being said, the point that really got me was when I asked her about Pre Cana. Now, I have mentioned before that I am not religious, but this is something I have heard most of my married friends (even the non-Catholic ones) talk about. And certainly it is something I thought pretty much everyone had heard about, especially those who perform marriages. She looked at me like I was crazy, and when I repeated it, and said you know, pre-marital counseling, she paused for a moment, and informed me that she had never heard of that before. Religious or not, If you perform weddings, there is absolutely no reason for you not to know what that even is.

Needless to say we did not choose to use her services. I even e-mailed the guy and let him know it wouldn’t work out but I would be willing to meet with another one. The next person they assigned me left me a rambling mumbling message using “um” every three words. The awesome Reverend that we met with recently even informed us that this company is “Infamous” in the world of wedding ceremonies. This guy, Reverend Jack, was eloquent, experienced, inquisitive and extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He even told us to wait a day or two to make sure we were making the right decision. I certainly think we did.

After that point, I thought we were doing really good! We had booked our Rev, our Photography and started getting some headway. But, after that dream I have realized that this is not the case so, full steam ahead!

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