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Hair That’s Bangin’

By Nola Sarkisian-Miller - CTW Features | posted on December 02, 2012 at 4:00am

Chic, face-framing bangs offer a bold wedding look that brides of all ages can pull off

It’s been a bang-up year when it comes to wearing bangs. Celebrities have been brandishing their take on the bold hairstyle with confidence. Kim Kardashian debuted a blunt fringe at a New Year’s Eve party last year. In July, Selena Gomez showed off her new hair – rounded eye-framing bangs – on Facebook for a new movie in which she stars. Nicole Richie’s wispy fringe was center stage at her recent fragrance launch at Macy’s in Glendale, Calif.

The look is making its way into weddings, too. There’s no question it’s a youthful look, but brides of all ages can pull it off.

“We tend to see older women with bangs when they have bobs, and it looks very feminine, very chic,” says Holli Chris, hair and makeup artist and bridal beauty coordinator at Kensington Makeup and Hair Artists, based in Phoenix.

While bangs are the ideal fit on someone with an oval face, round and square faces can easily sport sideswept bangs. Long faces benefit from bangs with a softer, wispier fringe, says Pooja Mehta, a bridal hair and makeup artist who works with clients along the West Coast.

Brides today prefer to wear their hair with sideswept bangs for a soft effect. It’s less about mimicking Zooey Deschanel’s full, blunt fringe and embracing the relaxed feel of Kate Moss’s wedding last summer with long bangs parted in the middle. As to what side they’re sweeping the bangs, the decision hinges on where they’re standing at the altar, a quirky but valid concern.

“When they’re facing the groom, they want the fullness of their bangs and hair to be facing the audience,” says Teri Lacro, owner of Charismatic Bride, which provides hair and makeup services, based in San Francisco, Calif.

Stylists suggest that if you plan to take the bang plunge, aim for a haircut three to six months in advance of your wedding date. It’s a just- in-case timeframe should you choose to abolish the style. It also gives time to adjust to the new look and to make any changes if necessary, such as making them shorter, choppier or wispier.

If the permanent chop is too dramatic a step, then brides have the option of using clip-on bangs, typically made with synthetic fibers. Like celebrities who use extensions, brides can benefit from these illusion makers, adding heft to their hairline and a little pizzazz if they suffer from hair ennui.

Along with the style of the bangs, brides should consider how they want the rest of their hair styled. If they’re going for a feminine, soft and seductive look, keep the locks down, Mehta says. For a classy, timeless silhouette, wear the hair in an updo or half up, half down.

How to keep the bangs looking limp-free between the “I do” part and the kick-up-the-heels on the dance floor segment of the festive occasion? Pack a little kit in your purse and include a toothpick comb, Mehta suggests. Dry shampoo can also provide a lift, Chris says.

Ensure that product, such as gel and hair spray, are already on the hair, but don’t go overboard.

“Make sure you don’t use too much hair spray or your bangs will get hard,” Chris says.

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