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Wedding day transportation options abound

By Metro Creative Services | posted on November 18, 2012 at 4:00am

Transportation to and from the wedding must be arranged in advance of a couple's big day.

Couples have many decisions to make regarding their wedding ceremony and reception. One of those decisions concerns transportation to and from the special event.

There are many options in wedding transportation. The more traditional options include renting a car or limousine. The Bridal Association of America reports that the average couples spends $400 to $500 for an automotive rental. However, prices may vary depending on geography and the type of vehicle rented.

Wedding transportation is perhaps something grooms-to-be can get excited about. After all, we’re talking about cars—some fancy, some large, and many decked out with different features. Plus, it’s traditionally the responsibility of the groom to arrange transportation to and from the ceremony, reception and the hotel or honeymoon destination.

Grooms responsible for arranging transportation can consider the following options.


A limo is one of the most traditional methods of transport on a couple’s wedding day. A limousine’s size enables them to carry the bridal party in its entirety. Because the bride and groom often do not see each other before the ceremony, two limos may be rented, one larger for the bridal party, and one smaller for the bride and her parents, depending on personal preference.

Classic car

Sports car enthusiasts may want to make an entrance—and exit—behind the wheel of a sporty vehicle. These can include a high-end Ferrari or an Aston Martin. Because of their high purchase price, sports car rentals may carry a premium.

Stretch SUV

The traditional limo has morphed into the stretch SUV of popular models, including the Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition or even a stretch Hummer. Because of their popularity, these rentals may be snatched up quickly. Be sure to book well in advance of the big day.

Party Bus

Many couples are leaning toward a party bus rental, which may be a single- or double-decker bus that can fit scores of people inside. These are particularly attractive to couples with a very large bridal party, or those who hope to begin the celebration even before reaching the reception hall.

Horse-drawn carriage

Some couples truly want the fairytale feel on their wedding day. A horse-drawn carriage can evoke feelings of a Cinderella-type day. The carriage tends to be best suited to warm weather. For winter weddings, a horse-drawn sleigh might make a better alternative.


Exciting couples may want to ride off into the sunset on the back of a roadster or sports bike.


Horses can haul more than just a carriage. A bride and groom atop a handsome steed can make for a memorable wedding transportation option and equally memorable photos.


Individuals getting married by the sea or another body of water may want to consider attending the festivities via boat, be it a large vessel or a more intimate canoe or rowboat.

Wedding day transportation varies depending on each couple’s preference. Here are some other things to keep in mind concerning transportation:

* Be sure to have transportation options at the ready for guests who may have over-indulged on alcoholic beverages.

* Wedding party participants who arrived at the wedding by a limo or other source will need a ride home somehow.

* Find out if a hotel nearby offers complementary transportation to and from the reception hall.

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